Noise phobias in dogs

Noise phobias are among the most commonly recognized panic-related disorders in dogs. Triggered by fireworks, thunderclaps, and other loud and unexpected sounds, these noise phobias can cause our dogs to cower, withdraw, and experience great distress. But what causes some dogs to experience noise phobias, while other dogs are untroubled by the exact same sounds? And what can be done to treat noise phobias in dogs, or even prevent them in the first place? In this podcast, Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, clinical instructor with the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, discusses noise phobias in dogs.
14 July 2014, 7:00am

The Eel Feels But Does it Make a Good Pet?

It may sound crazy, but a lot of people claim there is a "gentle side" to eels. Some Aquarium workers have even said the snake-like fish are even more like dogs, showing intelligence and memory uncharacteristic for a non-mammal. Still, none of this necessarily means that they make good pets.
18 July 2014, 11:34am

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All Board-Certified Specialists. Come. Stay. Heal.

Animal Specialty Group (ASG) of Scottsdale
is unique - we are the community's premier veterinary surgery center and the only, totally dedicated, purpose-built, surgery specialty hospital for companion animals in Arizona. With an American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) board certified specialist in orthopedics, trauma, general and emergency surgery, we provide extraordinary value for your pet's healthcare.

How so? We practice based on more extensive education and training. We maintain a landmark facility. We use only superior orthopedic implants. We operate - literally and figuratively - according to evidence-based techniques. In fact, we can minimize surgical and postoperative complications and avoid unnecessary or inappropriate procedures. The result... efficient treatment, faster recoveries, more consistent outcomes and, importantly, a better and more satisfying client-patient experience.  Come. Stay. Heal.™

ASG is home to Arizona Canine Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Group. The only such practice of it's kind in Arizona, this Group's focus is purely orthopedic! We are the Valley's experts in the management of conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia, fracture management and cranial cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. We also provide the most extensive menu of technologies and techniques available for your pet including knee, elbow and shoulder arthroscopy, minimally invasive fracture repair, internal/external bone fixation and joint replacement therapies as well as computerized gait analysis, underwater treadmill therapy and 3D musculoskeletal ultrasound. For more information, click on the Services menu above.

At ASG, we represent medical integrity, emphasize economy and efficiency of care, offer unprecedented transparency including real time OR viewing and demonstrate the highest industry standards for veterinary surgical care. Come see for yourself!

There are fewer than 700 board-certified small animal surgery specialists in the United States, according to the ACVS, and less than 2% of ALL Arizona veterinarians are board-certified surgeons. From Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree and Fountain Hills to Prescott, Flagstaff and Sedona, there's only ONE dedicated surgery specialty practice for dogs and cats - Animal Specialty Group of Scottsdale and Arizona Canine Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Group.

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