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Come. Stay. Heal.

Come. Stay. Heal... cute word play, we hope, but it's more than a marketing tag line. It's a promise and our pledge. ASG of Scottsdale is a unique brand of veterinary practice in Scottsdale, Arizona with a board certified specialist in general, trauma, emergency and orthopedic surgery for dogs and cats.

ASG recommends and treats with the long term well-being of your pet in mind. We consider proven options and can provide often creative and uncommon medical and surgical solutions.  We weigh the invasiveness of a procedure, your pet's activity level and desired outcomes, inherent risks and economy of care in our cooperative decision-making. What's more, chronic or extended costs of care may often be less with ASG because our clinical approach minimizes or eliminates complications, numerous repeat visits and unnecessary procedures. And we don’t coerce, guilt or hard-sell diagnostic tests, treatments or surgery.

The bottom line is this - our priority is not the number of cases we see from our large citywide and southwest regional referral base but the incomparable quality of care we provide.

ASG of Scottsdale is staffed full-time by a board-certified veterinary surgeon, i.e., Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, who provides both elective and emergency surgical services with personalized care and unequaled availability.

NO SNIFFS, ANDS, OR BUTTS ABOUT IT! Only with three years of accredited residency training, extensive and mentored clinical caseload experience, peer-reviewed publication of novel, independent clinical or basic sciences research and successful completion of formal written, practical and oral examinations processes does a veterinarian earn the exclusive title of Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Simply put, there are no alternatives, no experience, no other professional affiliations or associations and no academic equivalencies to surgery specialization.

As a dog or cat owner, we suggest you read below and our FAQ to learn more about the importance of board certification for your pet’s health.  And ask the questions they can’t!




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