Riley is recovering very, very well.  We are so pleased with the results of this surgery.  huge "thank you” to you and all your staff. What an awesome team you are.  Dr. Lirtzman, thank you for taking all the time and patience to explain everything to us.  We count you as the best veterinary surgeon ever and also a terrific communicator!  We appreciate everything you have done even more than words can express.  - Nan and Bill G.

Thank you for all the care, love and support you have given to me and my sick kids: Brigitte and Bear. You guys are the kindest, most amazing group of people.  We are so grateful to each and everyone of you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love you!  - Trina S.

The mail today produced a big envelope from the AKC.  It contained an agility title certificate for Chari... earned on January 21, 2012, exactly twelve days before you did her surgery. Receiving the certificate, I cried... for the first time today. Before, I just didn’t allow myself to think the worst could happen. Chari is a miracle for surviving 4 1/2 years with a PDA. I was incredibly encouraged when you told me that you feel she can resume her agility career. I am so very grateful to you for saving my precious little girl.  - Judy M.

To all of the wonderful staff and doctors.  Thanks for everything – you went above and beyond for Frankie!!  - Cassie F.

If it wasn’t for all of you, I’d still be limping around.  Thank you for your expertise and the caring attitudes of your staff!  Happily, Ishmael  - Christine P.

Thanks so very much for all the time you took today to explain my options, for the genuine interest you expressed and for the sensitivity you showed in dealing with issues around end-of-life discussions. How fortunate we are to have you in our community!  - Linda S.

Thank you for taking such good care of Chauncey. We really appreciate you not giving up hope and proceeding with Chauncey’s surgery.  Also, thank you for excising as large of margins as you could to get all of the cancer.  We are thrilled with Chauncey’s prognosis and can’t thank you enough!  - Pam, Richard, Stephanie and Nicole W.

My family and I want to thank you for your amazing expertise that has allowed Lucky to return to long walks and retrieving tennis balls, swimming in the pool!!  Lucky is doing great thanks to your talent and care given by your very patient and loving staff.  - Joan, Joe and Robbie S.

Thank you so very much for all the help you gave our beautiful bulldog! You and your staff are so wonderful! You gave us our dog back. He’s happy and runs and plays. We can’t ask for anything more.  - Sheery S.

To all the wonderful people at ASG: Dr. Lirtzman, Rebecca, Shoopy, Rob and all – Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Amos and his over-protective parents. You folks work miracles every day the animal lovers in the Valley are blessed to have you here. We can’t say enough good things about you all!  - David and Karen R.

My 16 month old Mastiff (Ben) was limping around obviously in pain and his vet said it was time to see a specialist.  We were greeted by a friendly, caring staff, and a beautiful facility.  Dr. Lirtzman came in and took the time to explain everything, and give me some options.  I felt surgery was the best, although not the only option.   I was able to watch the entire surgery via the internet, and someone stayed there all night to make sure Ben was ok.  From the minute I picked up my dog, I could tell, he was no longer in pain that had plagued him for months.  We are now 6 weeks post op, Ben is doing great, and still getting follow up calls from Animal Specialties Group.  My regular veterinarian recommended Dr. Lirtzman and said he would be doing surgery on his dog. I thought then, as I think now,  this guy must be the best!  - Michael L.

I am like a new dog
– it’s so exciting to be just breathing regularly again. I’m back to walking every day - no sweat! Thanks again – you’re the best!  - Joy R.

We think of you and all your staff frequently.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for restoring Pixie’s heart to health.  She is a fantastic little dog who brings great joy to many! Thanks once again…  - Jon, Sheri, Richard and Jacqueline M.

My 9 year old 7 pound tea cup poodle was born with her knee cap out of place on her back right leg... and she tore her ACL on the opposite leg making both of her back legs useless.  When I took her to my regular VET he recommended taking Angel to Dr. Ross Lirtzman, who was a specialist in the type of surgery needed. I made an appointment with Dr. Lirtzman to review Angel’s condition to see if there was anything that could be done to help improve her situation... because the only alternative would have been to put her down. And because she is like a daughter to me, I felt the need to do what ever I could to avoid this situation. I elected to take Angel in for this surgery and could not have asked for a better result.  His (ASG) staff took care of Angel, like she was family and kept her for 3 days.  After 3 days I brought Angel home and the improvement was almost immediate.  Today she is moving around like there was never an issue and I have my best friend back. I could not be happier and would recommend Dr. Lirtzman to anybody experiencing these types of issues with their dog.  - Gary L.