Let’s face it... when it comes to the general surgical needs of our pets you have numerous options. From your primary care, general practice veterinarian to a residency-trained and board certified specialist, you have choices. Big, important choices... and some are better than others.


General surgery for animals typically includes abdominal procedures - probably the most common of which may be the ovariohysterectomy - or spay. Other common, abdominal procedures include removal of a bleeding spleen, opening of the stomach or intestines to retrieve that lost sock or ingested toy and opening of the urinary bladder to remove stones.


Many of the above techniques, and numerous others, can be elementally reduced down to the level of the technical exercises themselves. Plainly, and as an example, the act of opening and closing of the intestines is often straightforward. Can anyone get through it with some basic instruction? Probably so. But is that enough?


Consider other everyday examples. It’s unlikely you’d consider someone who nails two pieces of wood together to be a master carpenter. Or putting food on a plate for dinner hardly makes one an “Iron Chef”. 



The truth is that the surgical specialist provides considerably more value than the successful completion of the technical exercises of surgery. The ACVS board-certified veterinary surgeon is an expert in patient preparation, surgical pathology and biomaterials. The experienced, specialist surgeon is a creative problem solver with often innovative and novel solutions. The board-certified surgeon is a master of technique and uses both equipment and instrumentation uncommon outside of specialty medical care.



The result is doing things others said couldn’t be done. The result is the safest and most reliable outcomes. The result is faster, less traumatic procedures with more rapid and less complicated recoveries. The result is the best and most comprehensive surgical care available.



You’re encouraged to look beyond simply cost of care and consider the differences in the products, services and providers of veterinary surgery for your pet. We urge you to consider comparing “apples to apples”. And at Animal Specialty Group of Scottsdale we go so far as to show you... Live! All major procedures are viewable in real-time via the internet so you can be at your best friend’s side throughout set-up, preparation and the procedure through to completion.



The surgeons of Animal Specialty Group are board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and comprehensively manage general abdominal surgery patients including the following major organ systems,

- Gastrointestinal (stomach, pancreas, intestines)

- Spleen, Liver and Gall Bladder

- Urinary Tract (kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra)

- Endocrine Disease (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal)